Corrugated plastic containers custom built to any size

These containers offer strength and durability while providing a light weight solution. They are customizable to nearly any size, are available in various colors and there are several hardware options, such as wheels, telescoping handles, corner protectors and more.

A Packaging Problem Solved for a Government Client

A government client approached us with a packaging problem. Prior to talking to us, a very high-dollar, sophisticated piece of their equipment made several trips around the country in a corrugated paper box with an inexpensive, make-shift insert, resulting in repeated damage to the equipment, which turned into costly repairs. We redesigned the box using a corrugated plastic container that was bolted to a permanent skid and used straps for the closure. Inside the box, we created a foam insert using multiple foam densities and reinforced holes for the equipment’s mounting bolts. After designing this superior packaging solution and building a prototype, the client subjected the box to testing through an external lab. Drop tests, tip tests and stacking tests were all conducted, where our container passed with flying colors. We outfitted them with all new containers in this new design and the customer saved thousands of dollars with no future damage to the equipment. Packaging problem solved!

Internal Case Modifications

 The interior of a case can be modified to reinforce the structure or provide extra protection for the parts being stored. We’ve installed a variety of internal hardware from mounting brackets, suspended shock-absorbing platforms, hinged covers and so much more. The options are endless and our goal is always superior protection.

External Case Modifications

The exterior of a case can be modified to allow for controls, electronics or any type of connectivity from within the case. We can cut mounting holes where needed to give you the ability to install your own equipment. There are numerous external hardware options from table legs, extra handles, fork-lift provisions and more.

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